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"So you know what a girlie-man gets. don’t you?"

"Yes!" he weeps

Cameraman chuckles

"I said say it again" he repeats over and over.

"Yes," he weeps louder

"Yeah, Papi, dump your leche"

"Yeah. I want to have your baby"

"I want to have your baby!"

DNA flows into his body down the dark umbilicus pulsating in that internal ring of muscle that responds like the opening to a man’s womb, called ,”Heaven’s Gate” It is a painful but amazing Gate, much tighter than his pink rosebud that is wrecked. His cock is turtling and shrunken, pulled back into its hood. He slaps his Pitcher’s ass as he ris inseminated.

"Papi, it’s all yours!"

"It’s yours!" he moans

"Oh shit"

"That was some big shit."

"You’re such a slut."

"Fill your slut"

"Ooooooo…..ooooooo, oh wow"

No seed will leak out as the pitcher leaves his pulsing cock deep in place, painfully holding Heaven’s Gate open as the last of his seed dribbles out, and his cock acts as a fleshy butt plug. 


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